Looking for a dynamic speaker to transform the leadership and motivational powers of your organization or school? Discover how Curley "Boo" Johnson can inspire and energize your next meeting. He is unlike any professional keynote speaker your organization has ever had. In his breakthrough lecture series, Mr. Johnson shows you how to apply the techniques of a world class athlete in your own life starting today.

As a legendary, former member of the world renowned Harlem Globetrotters, Curley traveled six continents and 81 countries. Known as the World's Greatest Dribbler, many of Curley's basketball records are still standing and may never be broken. In his 18 seasons as a professional basketball player, he discovered the secret components of success of top athletes, companies, politicians, and religious leaders.

Curley "Boo" Johnson breaks down the sports skills he's honed his entire life and puts them in a format that you can use to become a better person with more mental focus and success than you ever thought possible.  His techniques took decades at the top of professional sports to learn, but are available for anyone lucky enough to attend his lecture series.





Mr. Johnson’s lecture series includes topics on:

Overcoming Obstacles
Finding Inspiration from Within
Leaving Competition in the Dust
Leadership Skill Building
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Domestic Violence
Applying Sports Lessons to the Real World
Self-Respect and the Respect of Others
Peer Pressure Management Techniques
Achieving Dynamic Breakthroughs
Race Relations and Perceptions